Venture Studio

A venture building model that begins by the identification of an innovation challenge that requires entrepreneur talented persons to develop technological solutions that become scalable startups.

  • Discovery
  • Onboarding
  • Potential
  • Scaling
  • Performance


At this stage, the startup is evolving to become a scaleup. It has demonstrated the potential of its business model, which allows it to set new, more ambitious goals, such as internationalization, expansion and the hiring of new professionals.

The new scaleup will have to define clearly measurable objectives that will make it easier to control and improve performance in all its processes.



Innovation Sectors


  • Ed-tech
  • Health-tech
  • Green-tech
  • Agro-tech
  • Food-tech


  • Silver economy
  • Financial education




We bring support to entrepreneurs building product development teams focused on the R+D+I management and we follow the whole process through our own digital platform.

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