Startup factory Colombia

The University of Manizales, Incubar and the Catholic University of Manizales, together with the General System of Science, Technology and Innovation Royalties and the Government of Caldas; join forces to launch the Startup Factory Colombia, which starts its operation from Manizales – Caldas, under a full stack model transferred by Blackshiip and Startup Factory Spain, which accompanies sustainable and scalable ventures that develop scientific-technological products in Sylver Economy – ICT – Circular Economy and Biotechnology.

Our strategic geographical location, city size and entrepreneurial vocation, make this territory the ideal ecosystem that works as a laboratory to validate and scale startups regardless of their origin.


The great innovation of the model is represented in the way in which we collaborate for the operation. Today there are more than 12 entities from the academic, business and governmental sectors participating in the different stages and services.

Team Startup Colombia


Claudia Benavides


I connect people, manage teams, contribute to the development of ecosystems in intermediate cities in different territories, mobilizing innovations through collaboration.

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Paulina Flórez

Commercial Manager

I accompany you throughout the commercial and marketing process, identifying opportunities for your business.

Ana Maria Arcila

Acceleration Processes Coordinator

I guide and accompany you in the management of your processes and projects hand-in- hand with innovation to accelerate your growth.

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